Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Well! It seems that the foreign residency process in Bali has been significantly streamlined. Or perhaps I just hit a lucky day. For the last two years, the electricity went out on the appointed day for my appearance at the immigration office. Last year it went out the first day, and then on the second day the photo machine broke down. But this year, it was in and out. Not even many people there. 

You see, a foreigner living in Indonesia must renew his permit to reside here every year. This involves the preparation of a mountain of needless and redundant paperwork, which one  leaves up to his agent (whom, of course, he pays). This needless paperwork is sent to Jakarta and about a month later reappears in Bali. One then presents himself at the Immigration office, has his photo taken, his fingerprints taken (because you know, according to the Indonesian authorities anyway, fingerprints change a bit from year to year), signs a couple papers, and it's done.

Still,, it does seem that less was needed from me this year in the way of proofs and documents. Either they are acknowledging that these proofs and documents are superfluous, or I've just been here so long that I'm no longer worth more than an official shrug. 

In any case, I'm glad to have it done. In the meantime, my STNK (vehicle permit) is in the works, and the house has been secured for another year. I may now sit back and do what I'm meant to be doing here--which is nothing. 

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