Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Aches and Complaints

 Jeeze, I have this band of pain in my midback from flank to flank. Don't know what it is, but it did keep me awake during part of last night. Took some methylpredisolone this morning and some Panadol, and we'll see if that helps any. 

Otherwise, I see that the beach roads seem to be open this week, so perhaps I will be able to visit my favorite beach spots again. Then again, the roadblocks could reappear as quickly as they disappeared. Who knows? No one really knows what's going on around here. Just poking around in the dark, hoping for the best. 

One bit of happy news is that the COVID app check which I had feared (that which would have kept me out of supermarkets and such-like) doesn't seem to be in effect, or anyway is not being enforced. So far. I still, of course, have not gotten a vaccination and no one seems to know when Moderna or Pfizer will be available in Bali. So I'm just plugging along with a target on my back every day. 

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