Sunday, October 10, 2021


 Finally, I got my SKTT document, which allowed me to obtain as well an NIK number and therefore enter this number into the PeduliLindungi app, all with the goal of being able to enter shopping centers or malls and so on. I personally found the app confusing, but then again I find most things confusing these days. I was entering various numbers and info in the app for hours on end until Louis showed up at the house and told me it was already working. 

So anyway I got to use it for the first time yesterday when entering the Grand Lucky supermarket. You just open the app, hold your phone screen in front of the strange computer design at the front of the store, and presto you're in. Take that! So excited was I about this that I decided to go to the mall as well. There, I found entry a bit more difficult. Not only must you scan your PeduliLindungi app, but must also present your passport or Kitas along with proof of your vaccination. As can be imagined, this creates a rather long, impatient line in front of the mall entry. I suspect the trick would be to go in the morning (whereas, I had gone in late afternoon). To tell the truth, I really don't have much reason to go to the mall anyway. I go only to visit the Gramedia bookstore, which more often than not has no good selections to read anyway, as was indeed the case yesterday. Ah well, the point really was just to get in! 

My second injection is still a ways away--November 13th--and actually I don't think they're supposed to let you in the mall without two vaccines, but I guess they decided to cut me some slack. 

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