Sunday, November 14, 2021

Second Shot

 Yesterday morning, I went for my second vaccine. Got there bright and early, about 8:30, but found that everyone else had also gotten there bright and early--in fact, a little more bright and early than I. Under the large canopy outside dozens of people waited in plastic chairs or simply sat on the curbing. Okay, this is gonna take some time, I thought. But when I went to the front desk to check in, I was motioned to a chair nearby within the entrance and then straightaway ushered into the examination room. Bule privilege? Here, my blood pressure was taken. I was told it was normal (it wasn't, in my mind anyway--about 150/130, as I recall). But normal enough to get the injection, I guess. 

From there, one goes to the interview room where he is asked if there are any medical problems or conditions. No, I'm just old, I answered, as I had the first time around. 

And then comes the shot. All done. 

After the first vaccine, I had become quite ill--high fever, body aches, fatigue--ya'all probably know the drill. With the second, I got a bit of a fever some hours afterwards, but otherwise felt fairly normal. No trouble sleeping. No shakes or aches at night. 

This morning however, having ordered my coffee and pastry, I'm suddenly feeling a bit shaky. Probably should have just stayed home. But oh well. I'll buy some groceries pretty soon and head on back to the old corral and a nice lie-down. 

As far as I know, they won't be requiring, or expecting a third shot here in Indonesia. It has been difficult enough to get through the two. At this point in time, as I understand it, about 80 percent of the people in Bali are vaccinated, although the elderly population is lagging behind at around 60 percent. This, I guess, is partly because Indonesia did things the opposite from the way they were done in the US--old people last in line rather than first in line, and partly because ... well, because old people are set in their ways, you know? Gonna die anyway, right? 

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