Friday, March 17, 2023

The Return of the Mail Order Bride

 So I'm talking to a guy on a Facebook thread today, something about Biden, I don't recall exactly what, but it doesn't exactly matter either, because the mere name Biden violently triggers a lot of people out there in the Facebook community. Anyway, I'm being generally polite, although occasionally sarcastic, conveying my viewpoint, and this guy is getting a little more frustrated and upset with each of his replies to me. Finally, he writes F Y! Where did you buy your wife from?

Hold on. I thought we were talking about Biden. Lol. How did my wife get into this? For that matter, how did I get a wife? 

It's a mystery. 

As is how any grown man, presuming to comment on complicated political matters, could be unaware that the word "from" in the sentence as presented is both grammatically incorrect and redundant. It's just 'Where did you buy your wife', not where did you buy your wife from. I'm not sure why this bothers me more than the F Y! and purchased wife bit, but it does. It just does. 

I asked, but to no avail. He either does not know or does not want to say. 

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