Saturday, June 29, 2024

Biden's Bad Day

 My goodness what a frenetic frenzied flood of hyperbole we have had to endure from the press and TV commentators since Biden's bad day on the debate stage. Oh dear, all is lost! Sure, he has given us a first term of astounding achievements, the strongest economy in the world, the lowest unemployment rate since the 1950s, a booming stock market, a bipartisan infrastructure plan guaranteeing new, high paying jobs for the next decade, an inflation rate post worldwide pandemic that is lower than that in any other major country, a strong united NATO alliance that is standing firm against Russia's aggression in Ukraine ... But gosh, he didn't perform well in that debate. It's all over now. I guess we'll have to just roll over and face another four felonious years of the chief insurrectionist, Trump.

Give me a break. 

And while we are talking about bad performances, let's not forget to consider Trump's bad performance, not only in this self-same debate, but ever since the day he came down the golden escalator, nearly a decade ago. The press seems to have little or nothing to say about that, and I suppose that is because people are used to it now. We are used to the lies, repeated over and over and over. If a talent for projectile vomiting of falsehoods is a debate winner, then Trump certainly does get the prize.

You know, perhaps we should learn something from the Republican party. No matter how bad their candidate has been, no matter how many stupid things he has said, no matter how many women he has sexually molested, no matter how many people he has ripped off, no matter how many felonies he has been found guilty of, the Republican party has stood unashamedly behind him. 

But oooooh dear, oh dear, Biden did poorly in one debate. It's a catastrophe! A disaster! Clearly, despite the the overwhelming evidence of his achievements, he should stand down.

My God. Wake the fuck up, folks!


Anonymous said...

Matthew Dowd on Tuesday likened the 2024 election choice between President Joe Biden and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump to that of choosing between two elderly — but incredibly different — people to house-sit.
Biden “may forget to turn the porch light off and he may take a nap or two while you’re away from the house,” Dowd, who was a GOP strategist for George W. Bush’s 2004 campaign, told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace. “That’s Joe Biden. But he’s going to water your plants and feed your dog,”

Trump, however, will “kill your plants, sell your furniture, and kill your dog and probably let the burglars in so he could split the profits on whatever the burglar is going to get,” he contrasted.
“That’s the choice between two older people that are gonna sit your house,” suggested Dowd. “Somebody forgets the porch light and somebody that will sell your furniture and kill your dog.”
“That’s it, that’s it,” agreed Wallace.

R.W. Boughton said...

Anonymous: Exactly. Thx for this.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Trump would also see if the burglars knew any women who wanted to be groped.