Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blog for a Brain

I am an idiot. I freely admit to it. In fact, I insist that this be recognized from the outset by anyone finding himself in a position to evaluate my person. How much of this idiocy is the fault of demyelination in my brain and how much of it preexisted MS I am not sure. I prefer to lay the entire blame on MS. Simplify, simplify, simplify, as Thoreau said.

All day long I've been struggling to create a blog--nothing fancy, mind you--just a basic blogspot blog. The first thing I did was to ask a friend how to send a link to my wonderful new blog--you know, the kind you can click on for transport directly to the site. My friend, a beautiful young woman with a brain the size of Louisiana, typed down the necessary HTML symbols for me, and between the symbols wrote http://www.your-website-address-here/.

This is exactly what I copied and pasted in a post announcing my new website.

I present this as Exhibit A, a comprehensive proof of my idiocy.

Two days in a row now I planned a backed potato and ham dinner, yet neglected the baking part where the potatoes are concerned.

This is why they make frozen pizzas and pancakes in a box. For people like me.

Gimme a minute to catch my breath. It is a sentiment that is becoming ever more familiar. If only EVERYTHING and EVERYONE would slow down a tad bit, I'll regain my feet, catch up with the pack, get back in sync. Hold on a sec. I've hit a bit of a wall here (the Wall of China).

Yet the race goes on, run by those who are able. I stagger back into the lane, imagining that I can still see a faint trace of the dust from the long gone feet of the last runner.

I know this. It's right on the tip of my tongue. I can do this. Just one more minute to rest.

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