Thursday, October 30, 2008


Wow, I just read about a guy, a fellow Oregonian, with secondary progressive MS. Eight years younger than I, and all but completely crippled. No use of either leg, no use of right arm. Dude, that's messed up. I guess I take my rather benign relapsing and remitting type way too much for granted. On a positive note, I am already old, and so there is not that much time left for MS to do its thang. Good to be old, so good. It's all relative, right? Damn right.

Still, how old would I have to be for being crippled not to matter so much?

I don't think there's a good age for that. Even at 80, I'd prefer to still be walking on my own two feet.

Seriously. I mean, even when I'm 80, my wife will still only be 56. About my age now.


Hold on. I have an idea. Maybe it's best just to live day to day. Yeah?


Denver Refashionista said...

I think it's best to live today. I wish I did a better job of it. Welcome to the bloggerhood.

Anonymous said...

RRMS does not always lead to progressive MS. Fact. Sometimes it just stays where it is and gets worse, better, worse, better....etc.

One does not die of MS. Fact. One does of the complications that MS causes.

Just because you know or read about someone younger who has SPMS doesn't mean anything "age-wise."

I have a friend who started out with SPMS...didn't even have the benefit of a dry run with RRMS!!

I have had MS for 32 years now and am still in RRMS. I am 55 years old, last month on 9/17. I have been guinea-pigged in early years but refuse all MS drugs except prednisone and Solu-Medrol for flares. Do I "expect" my MS to go to SPMS? No I don't expect it to but if it does, then I lived my live my way and am happy with the choices made.

Just like no one expects to get MS, no one should expect it to go to the progressive stage.

That's one expectation (landmark, milestone, etc.) that I do not "expect."

R.W. Boughton said...

Anne: I appreciate and admire your optimistic viewpoint. Generally accepted figure, btw, for developing SPMS is 65 percent. Thanks for commenting.