Monday, December 8, 2008

News, So-Called

Logging in this morning through the MSN home screen, on my way to better things, my eye happened to catch a "news" story about Barrach Obama's smoking, and having to field tough questions regarding the same in an interview with Tom Brokaw.

Scandalous! First we have a President with sexual urges, and now we have one who smokes! What next? A President who imbibes strong spirits? Lordy, lordy.

Tobacco products in one form or another, the cigarette, the cigar, continue to insert themselves into the affairs of the White House, in some cases literally so.

Oh the shame.

In other breaking news, researchers have found that people with MS are more likely to have headaches. Yes, it's true. No kidding. Specifically why this might be so is a question yet to be fully answered. Could it be because our central nervous systems are fucked up in general? Could it be the propensity of the person with MS to fall over his own feet and land on his head? Could it be because we are always struggling to stay awake and functional despite relentless fatigue?

Or maybe it is our brainstem lesions, as researchers have suggested. That's got to hurt on some level, right? This last, however, is not a finding based on stringent scientific data. It is only common sense.

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