Friday, December 12, 2008

War As Usual

Is this a messed up world or what? These days we are living through remind me of the Vietnam era in some ways. Endless war, disaffection at home, a hunger for real change, and the conceit that real change can be had.

We read again about the threat of nuclear war, this time between India and Pakistan. We read of American soldiers injected into impossible circumstances, picked off by 2 and 3 and a dozen, sitting ducks in the shooting gallery of political indecision, lack of will, shifting focus, and ambiguous purpose.

I happened to hear Ted Koppel on NPR point out that American tax payers have not paid a single dollar to finance our present military conflicts. The money has been borrowed from other countries, China in particular.

What interest does China have in financing these wars? Well, of course it has none, other than the money.

It is all about money. Money has no friends, money has no enemies. It has always been so.

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