Saturday, March 20, 2010

MS Update From My Little Corner of the World

Gosh, so long since I've had anything to say about MS. Maybe because it's been so long since MS had much to do with me. I guess I've finally found the cure, folks. Retire, move to Bali, get mega doses of natural vitamin D from the ever present sunshine. Just say I quit. Just say No. Tune in, turn on, drop out. It's all in yer head anyway, right?

Seriously though, I have walked every day, swam every day, arisen early every morning and gone to bed late every night without undue fatigue or spasticity or tingling or numbness or aches or pains. Even the cobwebs in my head have cleared at least to some extent. I used to get lost in the same city I had lived in for 56 years, in fact in my own neighborhood--now I find my way though the surroundings are completely foreign.

Vitamin D, my friends. If you can't get the natural stuff from the Bali sun, buy a sunlamp and turn it on HIGH.

Maybe diet helps too. Rice, chicken, sambil, mango, guava, etc., etc. And milk from a box, which does not need to be refrigerated. (I don't know what it really is). Lots of menthol, sucked most often through cigarettes. Lots of Bintang (the local beer).

So forget the Avonex, forget the Copaxone. Do not inject other than to inject yourself into the Indian Ocean. At least once a day. Understand that time is short. Always has been, always will be, and is now more so than ever.

Don't worry, be happy.

No baclofen for the last month, no Provigil, no NuVigil, no vicodin, no gabapentin, no Paxil, not even a freaking Tylenol.

Sweat it out, literally. Drink lots of water (though bottled only--you don't wanna drink the stuff they call water here).

Who by worry has ever added a single minute to his life?

Make yourself as busy as possible at doing nothing. Soon you will have no time whatsoever to spare.

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