Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reiki Master III

I do believe that we are all led throughout life from sickness to health, from question to answer, from corruption to perfection, from being lost to being found. Is it not true that from the earliest time we yearn to somehow return somewhere, or then again to arrive somewhere? Is it not true that the more we gain in consciousness, the farther away we find ourselves?

Slip-slidin’ away, as Paul Simon put it. You know the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip-slidin’ away.

We come to understand that we are not in stasis, but on a journey. We sense that the journey has a destination. Since the actual destination is lost in the fog of all that we do not know, we most often provide our own definitions. Perhaps, one may decide, the point is success on worldly terms. Perhaps the point is , money, comfort, leisure. Whomever has the most toys wins. Maybe this is all about family, or love, or survival of the fittest. Maybe even it is about nothing at all (Sartre, Camus). Maybe it is all vanity, maybe it is senseless (Solomon).

What guide can we have along the way? And if we go astray, what can pull us back, reset the compass, turn the rudder?

How about disease? Is it possible for disease itself to be a cure? We find ourselves in the grasp of illness and wish instantly to be released--but what if disease is sometimes The Power’s idea of health?

Is disease necessarily the bane, or is it sometimes the blessing?

We choose according to the patterns of the world those things that we understand, and yet find ourselves chosen nonetheless, not by permission, not by desire; unasked, unbidden, unwilling, and yet fully apprehended.

Even as we seek magic--the touch of the Reiki Master, the good man’s prayer, the laying on of hands, injected medications, miraculous pharmaceuticals, devastating doses of intravenous chemicals--the true magic that brought the disease remains fiercely contained in the same.

Look then, learn, listen, feel, struggle and grow, surrender, love, persist, and prevail. It is your faith that has made you whole.

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