Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Having worked at the same medical institution for some 20 years and then retired in January 2010, I am still, as of March 24th, waiting for the funds from my retirement plan to be deposited in my bank account. This, for all appearances, takes an additional 20 years.

They would prefer, perhaps, not to let go of my money just now. There is much paperwork to be done, much proof to be collected regarding just who I am and where I worked and why I wish at this time to have my savings. Extensive communications must take place between my former place of employment, the mutual funds account in which I have placed the money, and the bank from which the money will be withdrawn when and if it actually becomes available to me.

In short, this is ridiculous, irritating, frustrating, infuriating, and all together a load of bloody crap.

In the meantime I find myself as poor as an Indonesian in the poorer quarters of Indonesia. Duncan Donuts for breakfast, dinner at the public market, and a reduction in the consumption of luxuries such as coffee and cigarettes.

Come on folks . . . it's over . . . now LET GO MY MONEY!

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