Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Week In Bali

Several things happening at once this week--some at long last.

First off (keep fingers crossed) my retirement funds will finally be made available. I will say no more, lest I begin to boil again in this already boiling climate.

Secondly, I will sign my Kitas tomorrow. This is the official document saying that I am allowed to reside in Indonesia for the next year. When the next year rolls around one must pay his fee again and be approved again. But it's worth it.

Next, we will pay the rest of our year long contract for rent (still owing 28 million Rupiah). This is of course dependent upon the realization of #1.

And . . . well, I forgot what else.

Apparently I have been stricken by something the Indonesians like to call masuk angin, which roughly translated means entered by the wind. It happens when you get a common cold, but then the cold won't quite go away. It has gotten inside of you, like the wind, and must be coaxed out by various methods--magic oils, massages, foods, not to mention daily dosages of less mysterious things such as aspirin. The weather has been very humid of late and has conspired together with the infiltrating wind in compounding my persistent cough with a persistent headache.

They have also panas dalam (hot insides) and maag (indigestion), although I am not currently suffering from either of these maladies.

This night we will go down to Sindhu beach to relax and listen to a concert of some sort, which should be very nice indeed, and cool down by the ocean.

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