Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Had this nightmare the other night that reminded me in some ways of the movie, The Devil's Advocate. Made me think about how there are so many enticements in life, so many sweet looking traps. Deep down, you know they are wrong, potentially harmful and should be avoided, but in your mind you think, Well maybe just this once it's okay, or Everyone else does it, or I won't be fooled, I will surely know when to stop. And so you take that step, set fate into motion and sign the consequences over to the devil.

I thought I'd tell my son about the dream, so I started out thusly: Do you remember that movie, The Devil's Advocate?


Oh ... Well, it was a while back. Okay, it was starring Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino.

I know Keanu, but who's Alpuccino?

Al Pacino. You know - Al Pacino.


Really? Hmm. Well, think of The Godfather, Marlon Brando.

I know what a Godfather is - Mafia and stuff - but dunno Marlon whoever-you-said.

Umm. I'm searching my mind. Some thing more recent. The Scent of a Woman?

This only causes him to wrinkle his nose distastefully.

Last chance. Serpico?

The robot?


Oh sorry, that's Destro. Serpico ... No.


Okay, I'll tell you what. Just be good, okay? Don't do things that you know are wrong.

Okay. Is that it? I'm in the middle of a challenge in my game.

So he returns to his room, and I'm still sitting at the table thinking Al Pacino. I mean it's bloody Al Pacino. How can you not know Al Pacino?

Has time truly flown by so quickly? Even for Al Pacino?

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