Friday, June 26, 2015

Treatment Plan

Rather than continue to patiently trust in winged ministers of health from above, I decided, yesterday, to formulate and carry out a sure fire, 'scientific' plan for self medication and eradication of the ceaseless ringing in my ears.

As it seemed to me, the problem had been insufficiently addressed from the beginning. In America, an MS relapse accompanied by significantly severe symptoms will be treated, first off, with an intravenous dose of steroids followed by a course of p.o. (by mouth) methylprednosolone. Here in Bali, all I got was the latter. This quieted the ringing, but did not stop it, so I was given Clonazepam to be used p.r.n. ( as needed). Additionally, it had always seemed to me that there was an element of congestion in the head or sinuses related to or exasperating the overall condition, which had never been treated at all.

Therefore, having made my diagnosis, I arrived at the following treatment plan: 1 tablet clonazepam at night, 1 tablet methylprednisolone in the morning and 1 tablet pseudoephedrine in the morning.

In fact, this had a definite effect. It put me to sleep for most of the day and caused me to run into various walls or pieces of furniture when awake. It did not alter the ringing in my ears, except, perhaps, to make it a bit louder.

So I'm keeping an eye out for that little bird that visited from the heavens the other day swooped away with my plague of headaches.

I wonder why he didn't take the ringing, too. Ah, but one should not question these things. This thorn in the flesh may have its own reason. His grace is sufficient for me.

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