Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blast from the Past

Very strange. This morning, I was suddenly and viciously attacked via Facebook post, and on a public site (an MS site, of all things) by a woman I knew only slightly some years ago. For some reason, she decided to publish a lengthy comment regarding her own version, based on my second wife's version, of my private and personal history, presenting a detailed account of highly personal events to members of a community who don't know me from Adam. I cannot begin to guess why she thought this would be appropriate. I could understand her writing to me directly, and privately, with this sudden need to unload her hatred, but to have this posted on a public site made me feel keenly embarrassed and has left me with a decidedly eerie feeling. Happily, I believe I was able to catch this post very quickly and delete both it and her. I have very rarely even spoken to this woman - being one of many FB friends who are 'just there', if you know what I mean - and I have certainly never uttered an unkind word to her. I feel like I should apologize to readers who were accosted by this weird, unseemly rant. I feel sad and discouraged.

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