Monday, September 28, 2015


Bit of an overdose on coffee today, but sometimes these things have to be done. Started out to go to a new place called Milestone Coffee, which my wife said was right close to the Minit Mart in Sanur. Ended up instead at a place called Simply Brew, which is also right close to the Minit Mart. In fact, it is in the same parking lot as Milestone, as I later discovered. Anyway, I found the coffee at Simple Brew to be pretty good, at a price of 25000. The coffee at Milestone, some 20 feet away, was better, and the place is more cozy, but the price there is 32000. Ini bedanya yang lumayan besar sama orang pelit seperti saya. Jadi, yang pertama pada hari biasa, yang lain sama peristiwa yang khusus 😅 Wrapping it up now at Limamike - masih kesukaan saya.

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