Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Good and Bad

Well, I guess every place has its pluses and its minuses. Although I have found Bangkok deadly, unreasonably hot, and although the heat or the sweat or the air caused a painful sty, on the other hand, I have not had a headache since my arrival in Krabi along with the stressful run-in with immigration, and I have not had significant ringing in my ears at all. So it's a tradeoff - good for bad, bad for good. Honestly, the heat wasn't too bad today either, which was probably because we spent most of the day on the river. Most of the swelling from the sty has gone away, but the eye itself hurts like an SOB. Tomorrow will be our last full day, and I think Louis has shopping in mind. Not sure where or why. I just do what I'm told, or at least try my best to do so.

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