Thursday, September 3, 2015

Teen Cow

When one has finally learned, to a reasonable degree, to speak and understand a second language, it seems especially disconcerting to find oneself in a country where the second language is useless, and the first nearly as much so. Thai is completely foreign to both Indonesian and English. Some of the people speak just a very little English, such that one is reduced to sign language and gestures for the most part. One phrase came up a couple of times, sounding, phonetically, like "teen cow," so I have been using that for every purpose.

Want massage?

Teen cow.

What would you like for lunch?

Teen cow.

And so on.

Arrived in Krabi Town in the early afternoon via a little mini bus called a Tuk tuk, but have so far been holed up in our little room with the AC on high speed, as it is deadly humid outside. Hope to venture out in the evening to the nearby night market.

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