Sunday, September 6, 2015


Interestingly, as I read in the 'fascinating' Thailand brochure, the Thai language is a monosyllabic language, which means that it is made up mostly of one syllable words. This is probably what makes it so difficult for us to understand. We want something more complex. English and Indonesia are a mix one one syllable and multi-syllable words. Indonesia, with its prefixes and suffixes, seems especially multi-syllabic. Take 'ketidaksetejuan' for instance. Or 'memperlambatkan'. Tower of Babel here. Speaking of which, I happened to watch that movie (one of my favorites) the other night with subtitles in Chinese. Since I know the movie so well, I could remember the gist of what was being said, but it was interesting to get the effect of an even greater increase in separation, isolation and confusion, which is what the movie is about, anyway.

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