Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Bit More on Bombers

Life quickly returns to normal in Indonesia as police and special agents gather up or kill suspects in the recent terror attack. It turns out that three families were involved in the attacks and the family members have either killed themselves in the process or been killed by the police. Two members killed themselves accidentally while making a bomb. We can thank these folks, therefore, for removing themselves and any further threat from their presence on earth. 

In Bali, the populace was advised to avoid certain shopping centers and other usually crowded areas and a number of streets were closed after a man suspiciously entered a police station and then ran from officers there. The man was apprehended and turned out to be innocent of any wrong-doing. 

As most folks know, Bali was the target of a terrorist attack back in 2002 which killed 202 people, mostly tourists, at a nightclub. Further attacks occurred in 2005 and 2009 but were less 'successful'. 

Just a couple years ago, a plot to attack the pre-Nyepi Day crowd in Sanur was uncovered and the perpetrators (five, if I remember correctly) were ambushed in their room and killed by officers of the Densus-88 anti-terror squad (definitely a shoot first ask questions later group).

Ramadhan, the Muslim fasting month, will begin on Thursday and so these extremist groups will likely direct attacks against their own people--Indonesians, that is, who are failing to observe the fast up to the standards of the extremists. Every year a number of shops and warungs are wreaked by over-zealous little gangs. Damned silly.

Of course, in Bali, Muslims are a significant minority, most people being Hindu; and therefore, business will proceed pretty much as usual.

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