Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Traffic Circles

The Starbucks at Plaza Renon where I generally have my morning coffee is situated just above a large, rather complicated traffic circle, and nearly every day a wreck of one magnitude or another occurs--sometimes two. Why it has not yet occurred to anyone to install a traffic light here, I cannot say. Just now there was a collision of two red cars--which actually causes one to breathe a sigh of relief, strangely enough. It is the car versus motorbike or motorbike versus motorbike collisions that are most chilling, because of course there is nothing between the motorbike driver (and passengers) and the pavement. Having been involved in a collision oneself--and pretty much every motorbike driver has--one cringes upon hearing the sound of the crash, knowing that the riders will have been spilled onto the road. Sometimes they jump up and wheel their bike, or what's left of it, out of the way; and sometimes they just lie there in the street until someone carries them to the side. Falling off a motorbike really, really hurts. I can testify to that, for I have done it three times. 

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