Sunday, January 13, 2019

Treatment Results

As I come to the completion of about two months of cancer cream (Efudix) use, I arrive with good news and bad news. and the two are the reverse of what I thought they would be. I've been using the cream on my ear and on my right cheek. I did not expect the cream to make any considerable difference where my ear is concerned because the cancer in the ear is in the form of tumors within the structure of the ear, beneath the skin. I am surprised to find, however, that the size of the tumors has been significantly decreased as has pain associated with the tumors. On the other hand, the blotch on my face, which is wholly on the surface, looks worse than before I began to use the cream. Of course, that may be normal, as both healthy skin and cancerous skin are affected by the treatment. So, I'm off the treatment now and shall see what happens. I'm hoping that the blotchy facial redness will face and I am hoping that the reduction of the ear tumors will be longstanding. Fingers crossed. 

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