Monday, February 11, 2019

Needful Things

Feeling rather proud of myself today. Despite a fried brain and the flu, I was able to function sufficiently well to take care of some needful matters. First off, I needed to find and then go to a photo shop that could do a passport photo for me. Afterwards, I needed to find the American consulate, pick up the proper passport renewal forms and make an appointment to actually come in and renew. Sometimes, just engaging in what needs to be done is the answer to uncertainty and confusion. I guess I've gotten kind of spoiled over the years here in Bali, as it has been easier to leave things to my very able wife in the past, who has no trouble at all with negotiating these administrative matters. But she ain't here no more, so the only one I can turn to is myself, fried brain and all. 

Had an interesting experience at the consulate. For one thing, the guards were the friendliest damn people you'd ever hope to meet--a usual thing in Indonesia, actually, but one that an American never quite gets used to. Really, I was just wanting to make sure that I could find the consulate (in advance of actually having my passport back and being able to do business), but the guards kind of insisted that I come in and say hello! 

"Okay no passport, you come back tomorrow. But come in now and meet everyone!"

So I did. 

Very high security check, too. Empty all the pockets, turn off cell phone, take off belt, surrender wallet for examination. They even examined my spectacles to make sure there was no hidden camera. James Bond stuff. And this was all so that I could meet the employees and pick up a passport application. 

So now I've got all the documents and the photo, and I even have my passport back, and will go to the consulate again tomorrow. Maybe empty my pockets in advance (although, come to think of it, that might arouse suspicion). 

Arriving back home, I sat down outside with a coffee and suddenly had the strangest experience with my eyes--my left eye  in particular. It was like I could barely keep the eye open, and it was kind of wandering around so that everything in the world was double--which itself instantly caused a fairly severe headache and a nauseous feeling. Treated that by going to bed and falling asleep for three hours. In my dream, someone kept saying "Permisi … permisi …" Turned out not to be a dream, but an actual guy standing in my driveway wanting to deliver my passport from my immigration agent.  

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