Monday, December 2, 2019

Violet Evening

Yesterday evening, I rode down to Sanur to stop by the ATM and get some rupiah, and then decided to stop for coffee as well, since I was out anyway. All-in-all, it was a rather unpleasant excursion, given the suffocating humidity and the heat still clinging to the evening. It had been 34C during the day (93F), making it day to just sit in front of one's fan and swab sweat off his head. In fact, when I made dinner, a simple one consisting of bacon and pancakes, I actually had sweat dripping into my eyes while my hands were busy flipping flapjacks or turning the bacon. It is an unwordly sort of heat, really, better suited to Venus than earth, I reckon. 

But anyway, as I read at a table outside that evening, I noticed that the sky looked awfully strange, a deep violet against the treetops, something ominious or potensive seemed about to happen, something unusual or perhaps even  earthshaking. I snapped a photo on my phone, apparently at just the right moment, for the starkness of the colors soon faded, such that they looked still unusual but not totally alien. 

Of course, nothing happened. That I know of, anyway. It didn't even rain, which I would have sworn would happen at the time. A sudden, unnameable mood passed over the heavens, that was all. A friend, seeing the photo, commented that this sort of sky often indicated, meteriorogically, an impending cyclone. But no cyclone occurred. It didn't even get windy. It is stil not windy, and the temperature, not yet 11 o'clock, has already risen to 32C. Another of those days. We shall see if it brings another violet evening.  

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