Saturday, November 1, 2008

Get Used To It

It seems that MS is in some way a disease of acclimation. There's really not much of a choice, is there? You get used to its daily residence in your body, it's nothing new (and you hope that it never becomes something new).

Yesterday, for instance, both my legs were very stiff. I made adjustments to my gait. I watched where I was going.

Are you okay? Sant Louis asks.

Dude, are you having trouble walking?" Albert inquires. You look like you're limping or something.

Uh, hello. I have MS. Remember?

Today my legs are moving in a bit more of a human way, but they ache--in between the sharp pains that shoot from my knees to my shins, that is.

I may not like it, but the damn things are attached to me. What are you gonna do?

Acclimate. Get used to it. Do I even remember what my body used to feel like, a mere five years ago?

Would it matter if I did?

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