Monday, November 10, 2008

A Spoonful of Sugar Substitute

Where did we get the idea that all natural ingredients were going to be good for us? Where did it start? Made only from natural ingredients. Honestly, the unnatural ones tasted good enough to me. When did this mania for vitamins and oils and minerals come about?

I suppose it was natural for this to make its way into the realm of MS treatment as well. The idea appears to be that the natural stuff has been naturally intended by . . . well, by nature, as the balm for all that ails

Fish oil squeezed fresh from the fish (preferably while still alive).

Flaxseed oil, natural vitamin E oil, oil of mango.

If it's oil, it's oil right with me!

The other day my stepson had a headache. I went to get him an aspirin and my wife explained that she had already given him a vitamin C.

Vitamin C?

If it's a vitamin it must be good. Vitamins are natural. Aspirin comes from . . . well, God knows where.

Have you ever really noticed the people you see in health food stores? To my eye there seems to be a yellow cast to their skin. To put it bluntly, they look rather jaundiced. Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's the particular stores I've been through, but I have honestly not seen gathered together anywhere else such a sickly looking community of human beings. Well, except for the time I visited the infectious diseases ward, that is.

It's getting difficult even to buy normal cereal anymore. Things that used to be delicious--Frosted Flakes, Sugar Smacks, Cookie Crisp--have been one by another salted and infiltrated with healthy stuff--whole grains and fibers, natural honey instead of sugar, all the daily vitamins you need in one teaspoon! Mmm . . . gritty.

It begins to be clear that there has been a conspiracy afoot--but we are on to it now, we are becoming wise. No more will we subject ourselves, and our health, to suffering at the hands of these purveyors of unnatural foodstuffs. I would sooner drink a quart of canola oil!

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Natalie Ford said...

If I remember correctly, aspirin comes from willow!!