Tuesday, November 4, 2008

You Too Can Be a Master Blogger

So here we are—up and running for about a week now, right? I’m a blogger. I blog. I think along bloggish lines and I often feel rather bloggy, especially in the morning. I have a blogover, which is preferable to the hangovers I used to subscribe to.

Sadly, though, it seems that people seldom leave comments. I wonder why? Could it be because I’m so damn blogging, I mean boring? Oh well, I can’t keep it a secret forever. People are bound to find out.

Today I went to the dentist, and the only thing that hurt afterwards was my entire body. Not my teeth. I don’t know if there is an official medical term for this, but I’ll just call it turning to stone syndrome. If I try to lie prone for any significant amount of time my muscles tend to freeze in that fashion. When called upon to resume movement they object and cry out in disbelief.

I feel like the easiest, least painful way to get back to my feet would be for someone to stand by with a giant spatula and kind of flip me upright; but of course this method, particularly within the space available in the dentist’s cramped examination room, would be less than practicable, not to mention embarrassing.

But at home, when getting out of bed for instance, it works. I just drop and roll. This, I know, is what the experts advise in the event that one finds himself on fire, but I can confidently attest that it works just as well for MS. Moreover, if I ever do find myself aflame, I will already be well practiced in self-extinguishment. This is but another of the many beneficial things one learns from having MS.

These are the fringe benefits of our disease, the silver linings, the tidbits tucked into the small print.


But to return to blogging—I find that my pages have been downloaded not only in the US, but in Scotland, and in Canada, and in Turkey! Now that’s what I call exotic. I find myself eagerly anticipating a hit from Fiji, or Kuwait, or the Himalayas. I am suddenly a citizen of the world. In my own mind, anyway.

Seriously though, I do believe that each connection, each communal gesture is precious. Here is a greeting from an MS sufferer, and here a nod from a brother, a sister, a fellow member of the human race.

God bless us, everyone.



Hey, you got rid of the $19.95 deal.

See that's what happens when someone, like me, subscribes to a blog, like yours, and reads it from Google Reader. Sometimes the feed gets picked up before you're done editing.

For me, personally of course, I read almost 200 blogs each day. Thankfully, many days not everybody has posted something. It is impossible to comment on each one (doing so would take much too much time).

In addition, I try to write a number of posts for various blogs myself. Very busy girl here, all on top of teaching and playing too.

So if you don't always get a comment from me, I apologize. But I am still reading.

R.W. Boughton said...

Yup, I always post and then notice mistakes (although the 19.95 deal is still on. I hardly get any comments at all, but oh well. Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to reply directly to comments anyway on blogspot.


You did reply directly to my comment. Here's how -

When I left my comment, I marked the box which would send follow-up comments to my mailbox. When you commented, I received an email with the comment. Voile. Response.

Now if you had received an enormous amount of comments, then it would be a good idea to @Lisa, your comment to me.

My recommendation for attracting more comments/readers is to go out and read/comment on other folks' blogs.

Natalie Ford said...

"I find that my pages have been downloaded not only in the US, but in Scotland, and in Canada, and in Turkey!"

Also, England! I usually read you via Google Reader but often come to your blog itself to comment.

Natalie Ford said...

P.S. Does Blogger not allow you to edit a post without deleting it and reposting it, like LJ does?