Monday, May 18, 2009

Advertisement for an Advertisement

Soon Jim Dandy may display an advertisement for a travel agency located in Singapore. I received a request from the same for permission to advertise, along with an offer to pay $50 for the privilege. And so I figured, why not? Fifty bucks is fifty bucks, right? Though it is not a sum that will take me as far as Singapore, every little bit helps these days just getting from one side of the city to the other.

Besides, Singapore sounds so exotic. The very idea of travel sounds exotic. Who doesn't like to travel?

So if y'all see this advertisement in the future, click on it--for, you see, I make an extra half dollar or so from every click.

Incidentally, a refill of plain old coffee at Starbucks costs the buyer 50 cents.

1 comment:

Lisa Emrich said...

Hey, I'll click on it. Maybe you can come check the request on my blog? And there's a post about a research survey sponsored by NIH. Check it out.