Sunday, March 5, 2017

Collateral Beauty

OMG, tearjerker alert. Collateral Beauty, starring Will Smith. Funny thing - for most of my life, I have felt distinctly removed emotionally from things that I would watch. In my mind, I knew that a sad movie was sad, but it never translated to my heart, never resulted in tears. It was, after all, just a movie. But I must have become, in my old age, a real wus, because here I am weeping, tears running down my cheeks, glasses fogging up, I suppose that some would not find this movie so very sad, but for anyone who has suffered a severe loss, of any kind, this will really yank at the heartstrings. I have become so soft now; but not weak, I think. This is a softness that does not fear, that does not avoid, that has somehow forgotten how.

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