Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Good Night

I was feeling astounded this evening at how quickly time seems to pass these days. Or, I may as well not say "seems to", because it simply does. Here it is 8:30 pm already, and I very clearly remember getting out of bed this morning, perhaps a half hour ago. How can it be? It was not 12 hours ago. Certainly not. Could not have been. I remember waking up, getting out of bed, making a cup of coffee. My God, I just got done drinking the thing. I swear it! 

So I decided to investigate. Easy to do with Google at one's fingertips. Everything is on Google. Including explanations for why time seems to pass more quickly as one grows older. 

But I didn't buy the explanations.  It's all about perception, and activity, and this old cliche about time flying if you're having fun. 

Bah. That's not it at all. Quite simply, the hours in my life, the hours of my personal existence, are passing faster than other hours. They are certainly passing faster than the hours I used to be acquainted with. And because of this, let me tell you, I can't get a damn thing done! I awake with certain plans, I awake with definite intentions, but then suddenly it is nighttime, and the day has not given me a fair chance to get started. How frustrating is that? 

Or here's a thought ... Could it be that I have simply forgotten what I've done, or spent a significant amount of time forgetting to remember what I was doing? How can I say, if indeed I have forgotten the thing? Have the hours passed quickly because they have simply dropped out of my memory. That is, they may have passed quite appropriately, time-wise, but, having dropped out of recollection, they need not have passed at all, for all practical purposes. The reason they went quickly is that they did not go at all, for they did not exist (again, for all practical purposes). 

Well, it bears further examination. It is an engaging question (though, as I must admit, I may soon forget the matter). It is, after all, bedtime, and I'm tired, even though I just got up.

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