Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Took a walk down at Mertesari Beach this morning, but a short one, as it was just too damn hot. 31C, which becomes 39C with humidity factored in, which translates to 102.2F. So, yeah ... hot. 

Overall, though, this is really my favorite beach on the Sanur oceanfront. A good place to swim. Wish I would have had my trunks along!

Mertesari is the last beach to the west in Sanur. It is not nearly as built-up as the beaches before it, although things are changing quickly. In just the last six years, new hotel properties have sprung up all along the Sanur oceanfront, and a new one was built at Mertesari last year. It is well back from the beach, however, and so fairly unobtrusive. Otherwise, the beach at Mertesari retains much of the original character of the place, with an open, unobstructed beachfront, brightly painted catamarans bobbing at anchor, small open-air shops and warungs (local food stalls) dotting the sandy pathway, which can be followed all the way to the east end of Sanur, if you have more energy than I, and which ends just after Mertesari in the rich growth of an estuary, which itself extends all the way to Serangan Beach, perhaps 7 miles further to the west.   

Mertesari seems the favorite spot of the locals as well, who gather there every Sunday for a swim and a picnic. For them - many of whom work in some way with the tourist industry in Sanur - it's a good way to get away from the Bules (foreigners) and gather with family members or friends. And I don't blame em a bit. I like to get away from the Bules, too :) At Mertesari, one can find a more restful experience, a quieter, less crowded experience (in fact, you might find yourself practically alone on the beach), and a cheaper one to boot, as the warung prices for food and drink outside the tourist hot spots are far less expensive. You can get a nice plate of fried rice, for instance, for Rupiah 15000 (about a buck ten US, and a nice Bali coffee for about 50 cents. 

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