Saturday, April 8, 2017


It seems that we're having a monsoon year here in Southeast Asia. That's what my wife tells me, anyway; and this would tend to explain the long life of the rainy season this year. 

When we first moved to Bali, in February 2010, we found the entire year to be quite dry and almost always sunny. Knowing nothing about what is "normal" for the weather here, I took this to be a usual pattern. During the ensuing years, this conceit was dampened somewhat. 

Nonetheless, this year it started raining in September, and it's still raining now, in April. Of course, by "rain", I don't mean to suggest that it is anything like what we have in my home town, Portland, Oregon. During the wet season here, the rain is generally shortlived and furious, then turns back into a mixture of sun and clouds. Somedays, even during monsoon, it doesn't rain at all. Some days it rains only at night. Sometimes, it rains off and on throughout the day (as happened today). 

In any case, it is never cold. People who were born and raised here think it is cold, but it is not. I have never once seen it colder than 25 degrees centigrade, which translates to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. More often it is 30-33, or 85-95 Fahrenheit. Add in the humidity factor, and you get a number in the range of 800 or so. 

But I'm not complaining. I'm still just drying out from 55 years in Portland. 

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