Thursday, April 13, 2017


Weirdness. Just after my wife left for Europe this afternoon, I was reading something on the computer screen when suddenly I noticed that the letters had run off somewhere and even the trusty icons were wavering. I noted next clusters of geometrically shaped bright lights at the peripheries of both eyes. A rather strange thing to be looking with your eyes at the bright lights in your eyes. I vaguely remember having the same thing happen in the past, perhaps two years ago, associated at that time with whatever weirdness was going on with MS at that time - headache, ear ringing? - I don't rightly remember. Anyway, I closed my eyes and laid down for a time, and now my vision, such as it is at baseline (which is certainly nothing to shout about), has mostly returned. Praise God and methylprednisolone. Funny thing is that what worried me most of all was that my wife, who is already upset about my health problems, was going to be even more upset if I ended up f'n blind!

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