Thursday, April 27, 2017

Say Cheese

My wife was just saying that I looked nice in my driver's license photo because I was smiling. The reason I was smiling is because the officer kept saying "sheen" and motioning with his hand.
"Yes, sheen down please."
What sheen? Am I shining? How can I turn down my sheen?
I move my chair backward.
"No, sheen."
I move my chair forward.
"No, no. Back. Look at camera. Sheen down."
I look at the camera and frown.
"No, no. Smiling now. And sheen dow-u-an."
"Maaf, Pak. Saya tidak mengerti. Apa itu, 'sheen'."
"Oh! Dagu! Chin! Chin down!"
And snap goes the photo machine. 

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