Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Back to the Future

 I see this morning in an old 'memories' post from Facebook that on this day in 2017 I had the flu, and I thought Well how about that? On this day in 2022 I also had the flu. Of course, back in 2017 there was no such thing as COVID or its assorted variants. Simpler times, those. 

So is this present flu Omicron? Who knows? Perhaps all flus are now COVID flus. I suppose one could find out if he wanted to drag his poor flu ridden body to a hospital and get a swab test. Maybe. I dunno. Louis had an illness back in early spring of this year and had both a positive and a negative swab, which is something, it seems, that would leave one certain that she is uncertain, or vice versa. 

Better just to isolate, reckon--watch movies, read books, write about having the flu, or at least something that is very like the flu. Very like what I had in 2017, in fact. 

Other than that, the weather is reliably cloudy anyway, and rainy by late afternoon, and downright stormy at night, so not very inviting for outings anyway, even to nearby Sanur. 

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