Thursday, March 15, 2018

Come Rain or Shine

Generally, we do not get a consistent, relentless rain here in Bali--but yesterday was an exception. Starting at around noon and continuing straight through to some point in the wee hours of the morning, it rained, steadily, ceaselessly, Naturally, I ran out of cigarettes by evening time, thus "necessitating" a trip to the Circle K market. This meant donning my long rain smock--a fairly pointless measure, but it's the thought that counts--toweling off the saddle on my motorbike, and driving the quarter mile or so, half blind behind rain spattered lenses, over the typically flooded streets along with other rain-spattered, irritated motorists trying, often rather recklessly, to reach their own destinations as quickly as possible. It turned out that quite a few other folks had also run out of cigarettes, as the Circle K was crowded with dripping customers, sitting outside in the hope that the rain would stop. Which it did not do.

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