Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Toothless in Bali

Broke another tooth the other day. My remaining front tooth. This will likely require a new set of false teeth, unless I want to go about looking like one of the crackers in Deliverance. And I don't. 

I knew this tooth would break eventually. It had already felt thin, and fissured on the backside. I'm convinced that this brittleness of the teeth is related to MS. Some doctors say this may be, some say it is not. I do know, however, quite a number of MS sufferers who also suffer from dental problems and brittle teeth. I reckon it is all part of the universal nerve damage that is occurring. I have always taken care of my teeth in a normal way, and yet, these days, they continually break of fall out. They don't hurt or anything--they simply break. 

So it's off to the dentist again, tomorrow evening, so that she can have another chuckle at my toothless grin. 

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