Monday, March 5, 2018


One of my dear friends at Starbucks happened to mention that I am getting a little fat. Well, he didn't say 'a little'. I added that part. But that's okay. I was beginning to suspect as much myself, and had actually begun to cogitate, albeit vaguely, on some plan of recourse. Stopping food altogether, for instance, had entered my mind. It happened then, however, that my friend's pretty girlfriend vocally agreed that I am getting fat, and I was therefore spurred to immediate action. One does not want pretty girls telling him that he is fat.

It occurred to me that I don't really eat very much in a day, and so the trouble must be lack of exercise. This in itself may be largely a result of watching too many movies and taking too many naps. 

So this evening, when the air 'cooled off' somewhat--which is to say that the sun went down, though left the fullness of humidity behind--I headed for the park, the lapangan at the center of Renon. 

The girl, of course, had suggested 'the gym'. Isn't that always just the way with women? Exercise in itself cannot possibly be sufficient. No, you must pay to use a gym, which will have equipment guaranteed to make you trim and strong; and you will probably want to hire a 'trainer', too, who will tell you, in a professional way, just how you should go about exercising. 

But no, it was the park for me, and laps around the walkway--or part of the walkway. It is a very large park, full every day of exercise enthusiasts, or of people who have been told they are fat. It makes for an interesting walk, full of scenery and boys playing soccer in the stifling heat, and baseball, and yoga and volleyball, and, most of all, walkers of every age and size. Admittedly, I was not dressed nor equipped properly. I had not the proper shoes or shorts or top or hat or utility belt or step-counter attached to my wrist. But I had a pleasant time, anyway, and managed the notoriety, at the very least, of being the slowest walker within several miles. 

I'm home now and about to enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich and some cookies. Wholesome eating is important, too. Any dietitian would tell you that. 

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