Saturday, March 10, 2018


My laptop is spending a second day in the hospital, grievously injured by a Windows 10 update. Windows will need to be reinstalled, and the C drive may need to be reformatted, the latter being as yet uncertain.  As these surgeries proceed, I become distinctly aware of how much I depend upon the company of my laptop. For one thing, if I am going to type any more than a short paragraph, I prefer the use of all ten fingers over poking about with one index finger on the iPhone. And then there are the movies and the TV series. If one sits down to eat and has no motion picture to watch, what’s he supposed to do? Just sit there and eat while enjoying the less than tantalizing entertainment provided by the four bare walls? It is, of course, quite unacceptable. Thoughts and prayers to my laptop. May it soon return to my side. On the other hand, I have got a lot of reading done. Remember books?

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