Thursday, July 11, 2019

Just Me and Takut

I guess I have gotten so accostumed to living in very small places over the last eight years that the villa I live in, now pretty much unoccupied but for me, seems vast indeed. Not that I'm complaining. 

The villa is set up to accommodate at least seven people, having five small rooms and two large rooms plus the generous patio and pool area out back. More often, I assume, the large 'family' rooms are intended to house … well, families. As things now stand, only only one other person lives here, an Indonesian girl who works from dawn to dusk and is only otherwise here only at night and, sometimes, on the weekends.  

Of course, Takut the dog generally resides in the patio area--actually under the patio area when he is not residing in my room. 

Talk about solitude!

At present, the pool pump is broken, but I understand that it is to be fixed by this weekend, at which time I may return to a pastime of having a  morning swim. For that matter, I am writing this entry out on the back patio, accompanied by Takut, who is sitting nearby and staring at me. 

Of course, renting a seven dwelling villa to only one or two people is surely not a very lucrative business practice, so who knows? The owners may eventually just throw up their hands and close the place!

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