Monday, April 9, 2018

A Guest for Coffee

A strange thing happened yesterday evening when I arrived back home from a walk on the beach in Sanur. I went out to the backyard and noticed that I had left what remained of a cup of coffee on the table. I picked it up to take it to the sink and was startled to find something hopping around in the coffee. I expected to find a cockroach--for them critters are always hanging out in the yard, especially at night, and are able to fly short distances--but no, what I found was a little frog! Now, how he had leaped four feet to the top of the table, and how he had leaped directly into the coffee cup, I do not know. It is a tall glass cup, however, and once in, he could not get out. Talk about getting your caffeine fix! (And I thought I had it bad!). Anyway, I emptied the poor little guy out in the grass, and away he hopped--and rather energetically at that, I thought. Coffee'll do that to ya.

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