Saturday, April 28, 2018

From Laptop to Phone

Well, if it ain't one thing, it's another. Now that my laptop is working fairly well, post Windows 10 debacle, my iPhone has decided to stop working. Quite suddenly yesterday afternoon it decided to stop connecting to the 3G network, and in fact I see now that it is refusing to connect to any network whatever other than the internet at home. 

Panic! Right? It's amazing how we've grown to count on these gadgets. I cannot possibly be out of contact. I must be kept aware of what's going on at all times. If I need to talk to someone, I need to talk to them right now via WhatsApp or Messenger or whatever. Even if I don't need to talk to them, I need to be able to if I want to. I need access to Facebook because I might want to post something, and then to have the instant gratification of seeing the post 'liked'. I need to be able to check Instagram. I need to be able to check the balance on my Starbucks card. What if someone is trying to contact me? How will I know unless I go home and connect to the home internet. How can I enjoy myself if I can't contact anyone and no one can contact me? 

How did I used to live when the only phone that existed was the one hardwired into the wall at home? 

Silly, right? 

But here's another thing--what if something untoward happens and I really do need to contact someone. Just ask to use someone else's phone, right? But no, this won't work, because I do not know anyone's phone number. The numbers are on my phone, not in my head; and they certainly aren't in any phonebook, because there are no phone books, and they aren't written down anywhere at home, because they're on my phone! Lol.  Which is not working. 
PS: Turns out that, even though I registered my cellphone with Telkomsel about a month ago, per the new regulations, I found my number had been blocked anyway. Took me the longest time to figure out why the phone wasn’t working—hours of tinkering resulting in a massive headache.  The new rule is that all Indonesian numbers must be registered. Moreover, any number belonging to a bule can be blocked at any time, and you must then go, once again, with your passport and Kitas, to Telkomsel. Expect your number to be blocked every 3-6 months, I was told. On the other hand, if you have an Indonesian friend, the friend can register for you, via SMS through your own phone simply by typing in his Indonesian ID number. Lol.  Live and learn.

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Christoph said...

I had my battery changed here and for several reasons it took one (1!) full day until I got it back. I consider this day to be my worst day here in Bali, haha