Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Quiet and Bored

Finally got out of the house last night, probably because I had fallen asleep in the afternoon and not awakened until dinnertime. So I drove down to see what was happening in Sanur, which, as it turned out, was not much. 

First, I went to a bar called "On-On". This used to be a very popular crowded bar next door to another popular crowded bar called "Angels", which has now changed ownership and become "The Place to Be". It was around 9 pm, and the only people in On-On were the three girls employed there. The Place to Be was pretty much the same, and both were pretty clearly not the place to be. 

Seven years ago both bars would have been bustling, standing room only, packed mostly with bules--both vacationers and residents. It was interesting back then to meet so many people from so many different countries--Norway, Sweden, England, France, Holland, Germany, Australia. It was a time, also, when the establishment had happened upon a delightful group of employees who got along well with one another and well with the customers. I still know most of those girls, see one or another of them occasionally, or have them as friends on Facebook. Most have married. A few have moved to other countries. 

This night, however, the young woman whom I talked to at the bar had nothing whatsoever to do, so spent most of her time yawning and muttering "So quiet. So bored". 

Bored myself, therefore, I quietly went to another bar called Casablanca. This is now the popular spot in Sanur, featuring professional bands, but the music this night was Salsa, and I can't stand Salsa music. So much for Casablanca, and so much for my rare night out--having learned, once again, that there's no much point in going to Sanur at night and that my time is better spent sleeping. 

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