Friday, April 27, 2018

Morning Walk

It seems that we're finally entering a season here in south Bali wherein the weather is bearable--breezy during the day, with mostly clear skies, quite pleasant. 

I awoke this morning at who-knows-what-time? I always awake sometime early, before the sunrise, toss around for a while, trying to find a less painful position or trying to wake up my numb arms and hands, and then finally get up when I see a little light outside the window, somewhere between 5 and 6 am. This morning, I was, in addition to painful, also cold--so much so that I turned off the AC unit. Practically unheard of!

Went outside for my usual coffee, and then thought, 'Hey, instead of scroll through Facebook and pour over the tedious farce of our political situation, why not go for a walk instead! So I threw on some shorts and a tank top and out I went for a walk, at a good clip (for me) around the neighhorhood. Quite a pleasant activity, really--the air still cool, the traffic light, little children headed for school, dogs sounding their first bark of the day.

On the way, I met the big fat brown dog (who had already been to the house first thing in the morning for her sausage and gone home). She seemed surprised and happy to see me, kind of jumped around a little bit (well, her version of jumping, anyway), followed me for a few yards, then headed back home. I took a fairly long tour of the neighborhood and then, returning home, found the big fat brown dog on the porch--wondering, no doubt, why I had taken such a long way around. 

So, I was sitting here at Starbucks just now and thinking, 'Hey, I ought to take a walk' -- and then realized that I had already done so, way back in another lifetime about five hours ago! 

So, yeah ... maybe I'll have some lunch instead. 

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