Friday, April 20, 2018

Several Problems

Naturally, my unnatural improvement in vision has now vanished. Very strange phenomenon. I remember having this happen a couple times in the past, once when I was driving to the coast in Oregon and suddenly realized that everything ahead of me on the road was very sharp and clear. Must be something going on in the optic nerve or whatever. Same thing will occasionally happen with the pain in my neck and shoulder and I'll think Hold on ... what happened to the pain? What did I do right? But then of course the pain returns, just as the vision re-deteriorates. 

There are two other phenomena which come and go. One is the ringing in my ears. For a time, it was quite loud and constant. That settled down and became a quieter, though still constant, ringing. Nonetheless, it will occasionally grow quite loud again, who knows why.

The second weird phenomena is difficult to describe. It's like a noise in my head--not in my ears, but in my head, or my brain. It's a sort of pulsing, hissing noise, an electrical sort of noise, sometimes becoming very active, like a storm. This shows up, especially when I've been sleeping, or when I'm trying to sleep, and then suddenly is gone and does not recur for some time--days or even weeks. 

Lately, I have found that taking Gabapentin and Prozac together is somewhat helpful for pain during the day, and it may be that one or the other or the combination is also helpful for the weird electrical storm sound.

Well, so much for my problems. Tedious, I know--but hey, this blog is partly about MS (just as my life is partly about MS), and some of you might find these symptoms and solutions familiar and/or helpful. 

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