Sunday, April 14, 2019


Actually felt good enough this morning to putter down to the beach for a very short stroll. Problem is that I chose Mertasari Beach, my favorite spot, as it is the only peaceful beach remaining on the Sanur oceanfront, but forgot that today is Sunday, which is Locals day at the beach, given that most Indonesians work Monday through Saturday. I found Mertasari, therefore, very crowded and rather less than peaceful, given the massive gathering of families and children and teens and hobnobbing young men and women. Nonetheless, it was good to get out for awhile and breathe air other than the close air in my cloistered little room, I stopped by a familiar cafĂ© for a kopi Bali, a black, muddy substance made from local beans, and then took a short walk down to where the new hotels start (which has become very short indeed). This last open beach in Sanur is slated to be paved over in due time and generally ruined by honking humongous hotels and all the outer trappings, including traffic and buses. Quite sad, that. Time was, must eight years ago, when there was nothing at all on this beach except for colorless, unseaworthy little boats parked in the sand. I guess progress ain't for everyone. I myself never did much care for it. 

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