Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Two Curiosities

1) Twice in the last week, I have been waiting at the junction of my narrow side street to enter busy Jalan Hang Tuah and turn right. While I'm waiting someone comes up on the right side of my bike and when there is a space in the traffic, straight away turns left directly in front of me, causing me to lose my opportunity to make my own turn. How can this be? What is the thought process of the other driver? I have my right turn signal on, so yeah … what the hell?

2) In accordance with practicing crowd limitation at the mall, a large part of the parking lot is cordoned off and closed. The idea, I assume, is that when the open lot is full, this means the mall is at current social distancing capacity. What drivers do therefore, after the lot is full, is simply park behind vehicles that have already entered at an earlier time. So,
     A. How are those earlier arrivals supposed to get out of their parking spots?
     B.  If the space limit has been reached, wouldn't it be a good idea to close the entry gate?
     C.  If you are going to allow vehicles to enter despite the fact that the open lot is at capacity, shouldn't you open one of the restricted parts of the lot so that people can safely park and also get out again?

Just sayin'.

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